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Saturday, August 16, 2014

ARC of The Real Thing -- coming out August 19th

The Real ThingThe Real Thing by Cassie Mae

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book went from one to four, then back to one, and finally overall, I'd say it's a solid 3.5 stars.
I loved the best-friends-fall-in-love plot very much. Eric and Em have known each other since high school and have kept in touch thanks to social media and technology. The role of technology on the book is an important one, as it brings the lovers together but it is also what tears them apart.

Eric was flesh and blood, well-developed character for me. Very likable and real. Not the typical Alpha-growling testosterone filled hero but insecure, compassionate, tender, and all around amazing guy. Em, on the other hand, got on my nerves from the beginning.

Her obsession with social media was borderline dysfunctional and something I'd expect of a much younger girl, say 14-16 year-old, not a 20 year old. It was so bad, I almost stopped reading before she even entered Eric's life again. Just when I tried to get past her "quirks" for Eric's sake, she'd cross that line again. One scene where they almost get intimate but are interrupted by his family, Em (view spoiler) But what do I know.

But  the biggest peeve: What she did. I won't go into it much just to say, at 20, she knows better -- enough to keep it from Eric obviously, and IMO - he let her off the hook WAY TOO EASY. Let's just say I wasn't convinced she learned her lesson.

There were other instances where her immature and sometimes childish behavior got the best of my patience, but I held on because I wanted to see how Eric dealt with the hurdles he carried with him and tried to heal. The hero and subject matter itself teach a good lesson, and IMO definitely worth the read. :)

**ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

ARC review of A Highlander's Obsession - Release date: August 19th

A Highlander's Obsession (A Highlander's Beloved, #1)A Highlander's Obsession by Vonnie Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oookay...took me a while to finish this book. Highlander? sign me up! romance? hells yeah! hot sex? whoohoo!
the h is a female Dr. Doolittle and the H is a bear/scot shapeshifter?

I don't know where to begin with this book. There's a lot going on. The death of an uncle, then a will is read, and Paisley, our heroine/animal whisperer arrives in Scotland and hears our hero's thoughts cause his bear is awake or something...

bear with me now -- no pun intended...
but then she thinks she can hear people too, yet doesn't bring it up later, even after talking to our hot Scottish hero, then she sees a giant bear by her window and hear his thoughts, but doesn't put two-and-two together, then freaks out when she finds out that he's a shifter...never mind she has herself SUPERNATURAL powers of communicating telepathically with animals, in the ENGLISH language nonetheless! She's freaked out and can't believe he's half bear...

Anywho, she freaks, they have sex - hot sex, then he erases her memory and anyway I'm rambling. There's a lot going on. Our Hero is the Laird of his Clan, and he has two brothers. Together with his mom they run an Inn, where Paisley is staying with her grandmother.

There's tons: let's see, there scheming, drug epidemic within the Clan, animal sacrifices, shape-shifters, witches, ghosts, a kidnapping, a murder...

I know, right?? that was pretty much me too. But there's a reason I kept reading. Aye, there is lassies...

YUP. Hot Scottish man. Loved him!
The H and h had chemistry. I cared for them, despite all the muddle twists and turns, I got that pang, you know, right inside my chest when Creighton (aye, Creighton) hurt Paisley's feelings, when they fought...when they made up...especially then.

oh yeah.
I'm not a big fan of shape-shifting books, but this author held my interest, and made me care about the main characters, to the point that I wanted to finish the book, just so I could see them end up together.
What is a perfect Scottish brood? nope. But still, Aye. It was one hell of an Alpha Male. Great work creating characters that as I reader, I cared about ;)

**ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Unfortunates by Skyla Madi (coming August 5th) Rocked my World!

The Unfortunates (Unfortunate, #1)The Unfortunates by Skyla Madi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was fortunate enough to get an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest here we go:

This was one of those books that I couldn't put down. It held my interest, I cared about the characters, and I'm eager to know what happens next!

Nothing got done. Nothing!!! Dang it, Skyla and your brilliant plot-twisting, dark, brooding, hot-melting love story!

Skyla Madi did something I admire: after her Consumed trilogy, we get another story--entirely different from Seth Marc and Olivia. The Unfortunates is not for the faint of heart; I can't lie. It's intense. There's things that will make some uncomfortable (I'm trying not to give away spoilers, sorry!) and tests our ethics boundaries.

The Unfortunates is the story of Nine, an Unfortunate (slave) sold to a family of Fortunates (masters) as a gift for Kaden on his 25th birthday. Once she arrives at the household, strap in, cause it's gonna be one hell of a ride!

I love Nine's spunk and spirit; she asks questions, refusing to take her circumstances at face value. Sometimes she's aware it might cost her the ultimate price, but she remains steady -- then enters Kade...

Holy hell.
Kade is everything an Alpha is: brooding, possessive, and doesn't like others touching his "things", especially his unfortunate, Nine. Kade's brother, Vince, is an A-grade douche, and of course, goes out of his way to mess with Kade's things, especially Nine.

Nine tries her best to survive in her new circumstances, but can't help falling for Kade. Kade is also bound by circumstance: as a Fortunate, his priorities and belief system is different from Nine. The author does an excellent job with their backstory, especially Kade's. it's just heartbreaking. Like Nine, Kade has done what is necessary to survive in his world.There are some really intense scenes and the ending, OMG. Don't even get me started!

Again, not trying to give out spoilers, but when the truth is revealed (which I kinda saw coming) Kade's reaction left me wanting to just ugh!

Yeah Nine! kick him, hard!!!!

I loved this book. An original premise, conflict and suspense buildup, dark and steamy lovin' and a hell of a cliffhanger - not bad enough to break my ipad over it, but enough for me to look forward to The Fortunates!
Kudos Skyla Madi!!

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