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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Bash 2014!

This year was my second time at Book Bash; last year as a fan, and this time around as an assistant to non other than one of my favorite romance Authors, Laura Kaye! Meeep! Talk about dreams come true!!
Laura Kaye is not only an talented author and brilliant writer, but a kind and sweet human being. She's down to earth, gracious and open with each and everyone of her fans. Which, as a fan, is a HUGE deal. As reader, there's nothing worse than looking forward to meeting an author you love, and once you do, feeling like some weird crazy stalker for loving the characters and worlds they create. As I discovered when I met Laura Kaye in person last year at Book Bash, she's just as sweet, receptive, and gracious in person as she is online. Laura, well, she's just...

I was a fly on the wall as I helped my idol meet up with fans through Book Bash 2014 in Orlando, FL. Fan after fan, she greeted everybody with a big smile, listened to their heartwarming stories - some of which where downright funny - and I couldn't help but see myself in each person that stopped by her table. Through it all, Laura signed everything she was asked to - from books, pieces of paper, posters, bags, e-reader covers, scrapbooks, everything. She also had plenty of cool swag to give away, and THANKED each and every fan, giving them her undivided attention.

At the end, she thanked ME (me!) for helping her, and even gave me a 'thank you' gift bag. Seriously!! I was the one who should have keeled and yell at her "We're not worthy!" alas Wayne's World! I became even more of a fan of hers, if that's even possible!! Laura Kaye, you're a class Act.
What can I say, but it was the Best. Ever.

As an aspiring writer I learned a lot, and got to see something that I love from a different point of view-- with a front-row seats, next to one of the most talented and respected authors out there. As an avid reader and book lover, it doesn't get any better than this! (Well, until the next Hard Ink book comes out, squeee!!!!) Can't wait!

I did get my best friend and fellow hardcore reader Debbie Robinson (I'm forever in your debt Debbie!!!) to take some pics for me while I was working. Here are some of the authors at Book Bash this year:
C.J. Roberts - got to talk to her before the doors opened - meep!

Top: Katja Milay was super nice! Signed a copy of 'Sea of Tranquility' for me. I can't wait to read more from her!

Right: Jennifer Armentrout was so sweet! She signed some things for my friend Courtney, and was awesome!

J.B. Salsbury signed copies for me, as well as Amy Harmon, which by the way-- I now have my very own copy of 'Making Faces' signed by her! *thud!*

Also Below: Tina Reber,Tammara Webber, K.A. Tucker, Aleatha Romig, Colleen Hoover, Cora Carmack, and more!!

Dreams do come true!!!