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Monday, March 13, 2017

Feversong by Karen Marie Moning

Feversong finally arrived, and with it a lot of expectations on how the Fever world would end.
Turns out, it didn't. But we knew that, didn't we?
Characters bigger than life never end.

I wish I'd taken notes while reading this book, but I didn't. So, to the best of my recollection, here it goes:

There was a lot of excitement before its release, but like with the previous Fever books, I dreaded reading them. Why?
Because the second I did, it would be over--kinda like Christmas as a kid.
You get all hyped up waiting for that day to get all those presents, then it arrives.
The anticipation of waiting, the excitement when Christmas Eve arrives, then ultimately the arrival of Christmas morning...By Christmas afternoon we're passed out on the couch with a huge Christmas hangover, just to have to wait another 364 days and do it over again.

Soooooo......I waited to read Feversong, trying to delay the inevitable....Yet here we are.

I won't give away any spoilers, but I gotta be honest: I struggled with this one.

I'll just say, if you're worried about having to re-read the entire series to remember what is going on, you won't. With mutiple POV's, the events of the last 8 books are rehashed in a series of inner monologues that tried my patience at times. I found myself skimming at some parts trying to get to the meat of the story.

Did everything come together neatly in my opinion? No. But then again, I'm not the creator of this amazing series. Let's just say that for me, there wasn't anything that caught me off guard, no major shoe-drop moments, and no surprises. I got the feeling some of the events were to maybe appease some readers, while others were to keep readers coming back for more.

Is it the end of the Nine, Dani, and Mac? Not by a long shot. But there was enough to satisfy me when it came to Barrons and Mac's story. I never felt we needed more than five books to tell their adventure, but with so many other characters and plot, the stage had to be set through the books. I get that.
I also get that as the author, KMM had an gargantuan task ahead of her in trying to wrap up this Story Arc. Their love is EPIC. Who am I kidding, the Fever world is EPIC.
I'm sure that no matter what she did, some readers wouldn't have been happy. I think she did the best she could do.

This book, to me, felt different. Dynamics changed, since humans evolve and grow. But not The Nine. Or so I thought. Barrons seemed different to me, as did Ryordan. I loved the SOB Ryordan was, and missed him greatly in this book. As for Mac and Dani, my feelings for Mac haven't changed despite everything. One thing is saying another doing. Just saying. Dani I loved, and will always love. Even if I don't agree with her choices or actions. She's a great character that will live with me always.
Will I follow the characters through future books? I was satisfied with this ending of the Fever series. There's enough to spark my imagination, and although some questions might remain, they're not enough to keep me hungry for more. (Unless there's one Dani/Ryo book then...yeah. <3 br="">

Despite it all, Fever Series is one of my favorite series of all time. Thank you KMM for bringing such fascinating and unforgettable characters to life. <3 p="">