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Monday, March 13, 2017

Feversong by Karen Marie Moning

Feversong finally arrived, and with it a lot of expectations on how the Fever world would end.
Turns out, it didn't. But we knew that, didn't we?
Characters bigger than life never end.

I wish I'd taken notes while reading this book, but I didn't. So, to the best of my recollection, here it goes:

There was a lot of excitement before its release, but like with the previous Fever books, I dreaded reading them. Why?
Because the second I did, it would be over--kinda like Christmas as a kid.
You get all hyped up waiting for that day to get all those presents, then it arrives.
The anticipation of waiting, the excitement when Christmas Eve arrives, then ultimately the arrival of Christmas morning...By Christmas afternoon we're passed out on the couch with a huge Christmas hangover, just to have to wait another 364 days and do it over again.

Soooooo......I waited to read Feversong, trying to delay the inevitable....Yet here we are.

I won't give away any spoilers, but I gotta be honest: I struggled with this one.

I'll just say, if you're worried about having to re-read the entire series to remember what is going on, you won't. With mutiple POV's, the events of the last 8 books are rehashed in a series of inner monologues that tried my patience at times. I found myself skimming at some parts trying to get to the meat of the story.

Did everything come together neatly in my opinion? No. But then again, I'm not the creator of this amazing series. Let's just say that for me, there wasn't anything that caught me off guard, no major shoe-drop moments, and no surprises. I got the feeling some of the events were to maybe appease some readers, while others were to keep readers coming back for more.

Is it the end of the Nine, Dani, and Mac? Not by a long shot. But there was enough to satisfy me when it came to Barrons and Mac's story. I never felt we needed more than five books to tell their adventure, but with so many other characters and plot, the stage had to be set through the books. I get that.
I also get that as the author, KMM had an gargantuan task ahead of her in trying to wrap up this Story Arc. Their love is EPIC. Who am I kidding, the Fever world is EPIC.
I'm sure that no matter what she did, some readers wouldn't have been happy. I think she did the best she could do.

This book, to me, felt different. Dynamics changed, since humans evolve and grow. But not The Nine. Or so I thought. Barrons seemed different to me, as did Ryordan. I loved the SOB Ryordan was, and missed him greatly in this book. As for Mac and Dani, my feelings for Mac haven't changed despite everything. One thing is saying another doing. Just saying. Dani I loved, and will always love. Even if I don't agree with her choices or actions. She's a great character that will live with me always.
Will I follow the characters through future books? I was satisfied with this ending of the Fever series. There's enough to spark my imagination, and although some questions might remain, they're not enough to keep me hungry for more. (Unless there's one Dani/Ryo book then...yeah. <3 br="">

Despite it all, Fever Series is one of my favorite series of all time. Thank you KMM for bringing such fascinating and unforgettable characters to life. <3 p="">

Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Review of Reckless Touch by Veronica Larsen


Where do I start...
You all know I love Veronica Larsen's writing, and this book was no exception. Well, except for the fact that this book was had so much more going on. 
Can you say mystery/thriller?
 Holy who-dunnit Batman! 
This book had me hooked from the get-go. Journalist Amelia is hot on a story when she gets attacked. Enter broodingly hot Detective Reed to investigate her case, and we're in business!
I found myself guessing who the culprit was throughout the entire book - and I mean everyone was a suspect for me! Motive? yes. Circumstances? yes. I couldn't wait to get to the end when it all was revealed brilliantly. Amelia didn't disappoint, proving herself resourceful. I loved the climax, and if you crave a solid plot, Reckless Touch will have you burning through the pages. There's slow-burning romance, steamy scenes, and plenty of mystery and tension (don't wanna spoil, but Baby Jesus on a manger, that Mayor's party hi jinks almost killed me!) 
But at the end, again, Veronica did not disappoint. Her writing and storytelling solid as always. It's settled: Veronica Larsen is definitely a one-click author for me!

Friday, June 24, 2016

ARC Review of YOU AND ME by Veronica Larsen

 Just in time for summer: A Bite-Sized Romance!
Everything you crave--banter, steam, romance--all in one quick, fun, and delectable standalone. YOU AND ME is a delicious opposites attract story coming June 27th.

It all started in the pouring rain. His wet shirt plastered to his hard body. My drenched hair strewn across my face.
We bantered. He held the door. I found out his name.
And for a half a second, I fell hard.
Then the record stopped. Forget his quick wit, those biceps, and insanely disarming clear blue eyes. The sexy sonofabitch proved he’d be just another mistake.
But Jackson won’t give up that easily. He's determined to show me that opposites can not only attract, they can ignite.
Can he and I become an us? Or did any chance we had at a future already get washed away?

************* REVIEW**********

Where to
If you've read Veronica Larsen, you know she's a sure thing. A one-click. Why?
Because she delivers. Every. Single. Time.
This time is in the form of a short story where we meet Jackson and Samantha.
Chemistry? check.
Well-rounded, interesting, likeable characters? check.
Seamless, funny, witty banter? check.
Yummy, hot-as-hell sexy action? check check and infinity check. 

You will fall in love with this story, and if you're anything like me, you'll try to savor it and wish it didn't end! Yes, my only complain was that it was over too soon! I loved Jackson and Samantha together, and Ms. Larsen has an impeccable sense of timing. You'll find yourself giggling, laughing out loud, and even fanning yourself (muy Caliente!) once these two get together!

So do yourself a favor -- pick this little morsel of deliciousness up, and enjoy the ride!!

*ARC via author in exchange for an honest review*

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

I loved loved loved Hearts in Darkness, to the point that I cyber-stalked Ms. Kaye to write a sequel. I'm not sure what I loved more: the unconventional, original situation Caden and Makenna met, or the characters themselves. I think both. HID packed such a strong romantic and sexy punch in a mere one hundred pages, and left me wanting more.

Years later, Caden and Makenna's story continues in Love in the Light. The story takes place a few months after they meet in that fateful, dark elevator in HID. 
I'll try not to spoil the story, but I'll say this. If you wanted more Caden and Makenna as I did, you'll enjoy seeing them together, and might even feel like re-reading Heart in Darkness. Having said that, this story is nothing like the original novella. 
Other than the main characters, I'm sad to say nothing is original. 
The plot revolves around Caden's fears and insecurities. 
One word that kept coming up for me while reading was 'cliche.' 
There's no real conflict, so there's convenient obstacle points through the story. Just think of the standard plot devices, and you'll find them here...The ex-boyfriend that reappears to create insecurity, the car accident here and there at the precise point in the story, and others than when you read them, you might feel as I did:
 I think perhaps that was the problem; Heart in Darkness was a short novella; Love in the light is a novel. The pages have to be filled, with, well... 
Oh, Caden, my love. 
He's still has a long way to go, and his journey although confusing at times, it's clarified at the end. Most important of all, Ms Kaye's writing. Despite the lack of true conflict, her writing is SOLID. Always is. Here, in Love in the Light, she's still managed to keep me glued to the story until the end. For that, I did enjoy the book. But for now, I think I'll keep Caden and Makenna alive in my heart through Hearts in Darkness - my all-time favorite NOVELLA!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Finished the Third! Enamor, By Veronica Larsen

***ARC review provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

Veronica Larsen, you are an emotional terrorist.Yup. I said it. You're right up there with the likes of Karen Marie Moning in my book.
Let me explain.
She's not only an author; don't get me wrong, there are many 'authors' nowadays. There's indie and traditionally published. But writers? that's something only a few truly are.
And Ms. Larsen is one of them.
There's a ton of NA books out there. But I'm my opinion? Enamor is one of the best written NA books i've ever read. Hands down.
The story tells the beginning of Julia and Giles story. They're a couple we've previously met through Entice and Entangle and...holy hell.
It's amazing.
Giles is flawed; a college guy, he gets around quite a bit. Julia has her own demons as well. I won't give anything away, just to say that their story is compelling, emotional -- yes, hang on tight and get ready to sit on your ass all day reading -- because once Julia and Giles grab a hold of you, you won't get able to pry away.
Yes, my house is a mess, and my shit didn't get done. But man, was it worth it!
One of my pet peeves when it comes to YA and NA is the lack of maturity that comes with young characters; to my surprise, there is no fabricated drama here. The problems and situations are not only real, but extremely RELEVANT for today's 20 somethings. I'm so glad to see this author bring such issues to light! Excellent storytelling, character development, plot, and what's that other thing? that thing that hurts in my chest, like an itch I can't scratch...Oh yeah...

 Sweet baby Jesus on the manger. Why...just...why?! Let me hold you Giles!!!
Giles, Giles, Giles, Giles....
He's a guy. He's not perfect. He's doing the best he can to deal with the cards he's dealt. Same as Julia. But damn...the boy is sweet as cotton candy dipped in syrup...and if dirty talk were an Olympic sport?


Veronica Larsen has proven to be a writer. An excellent writer. Her well developed characters, storytelling and prose stir emotions in me that she's become one of my 100% guarantee go-to one-click authors! Whatever comes next from this amazing writer, will be on my wish list and work their way up my TBR list!! Keep them coming Ms. Larsen!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Review of Entangle (Hearts of Stone, #1) by Veronica Larsen

Entangle (Hearts of Stone, #1)Entangle by Veronica Larsen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's been a while since a contemporary romance held my attention. I mean, I love contemporary romance, historical romance, marriage of convenience, and love stories in general. But lately, most contemporary romances are just loins and lust, and sex, and not enough heart.
Lately it's been disappointing to read...Until Entangle.
Wow. Just wow.

Character development? Check.
The hero, Leo and the heroine, Lexi have it all; personality, a past, they have fears, baggage, and are flawed. Very human. And I loved it.
Once Leo enters the page, Oh my...
Sweet mother of caffeine. I can watch Leo mess with the coffee maker That's all I have to say about that.

Chemistry? Check.
Leo and Lexi ooze with sexual tension. Oh, and how I miss that in contemporary romance. I didn't realize how much until I read Entangle.
The author's writing was the icing on the cake. My heart skipped a beat the second they were together in the same room. And those love scenes...
Lord have mercy.

Long story short: if you love sexual tension, real life characters, well written lit, grab this book. Needless to say, Ms. Larsen has a new fan!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Release day! Entice by Veronica Larsen

Entangled (Hearts of Stone Book 1)
on sale now for .99 cents!!

Today is the release of Entice, Book 2 in the Hearts of Stone Series!

Turns out I’ve been faking being an adult.
My job? My apartment? The pretty life I've built?
Let's just say I've made some mistakes.
I'm knee-deep in the mess I've made when I find him. Tall, dark-haired, and rough around the edges. The boy I never noticed is all grown up, in all the right ways. And he's holding a grudge.
Let him try to pretend he's immune to our attraction. I'm trained in the art of persuasion and I love a challenge.
But how can he know the answers to questions I haven't thought to ask? I’ve been putting out fires, fighting like crazy to get my life back on track. And this man? He acts like he knows who's holding the match.
Maybe there's no such thing as mistakes.
What if it's all just sabotage?
-This novel contains sexually explicit content.
-Entice can be read as a standalone, but contains major spoilers to Entangle (Hearts of Stone, Book 1).

About Author:

Veronica Larsen is a twenty-something year old writer who enjoys crafting emotionally rousing stories laced with intense chemistry. Her debut contemporary romance novel, Entangle (Hearts of Stone, Book 1), released December 1st 2014. When Veronica isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, sobbing over her epic Pinterest fails, and spending time with her sweet little family in Southern California.


★Entice (Hearts of Stone, Book 2)★
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