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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Finished the Third! Enamor, By Veronica Larsen

***ARC review provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

Veronica Larsen, you are an emotional terrorist.Yup. I said it. You're right up there with the likes of Karen Marie Moning in my book.
Let me explain.
She's not only an author; don't get me wrong, there are many 'authors' nowadays. There's indie and traditionally published. But writers? that's something only a few truly are.
And Ms. Larsen is one of them.
There's a ton of NA books out there. But I'm my opinion? Enamor is one of the best written NA books i've ever read. Hands down.
The story tells the beginning of Julia and Giles story. They're a couple we've previously met through Entice and Entangle and...holy hell.
It's amazing.
Giles is flawed; a college guy, he gets around quite a bit. Julia has her own demons as well. I won't give anything away, just to say that their story is compelling, emotional -- yes, hang on tight and get ready to sit on your ass all day reading -- because once Julia and Giles grab a hold of you, you won't get able to pry away.
Yes, my house is a mess, and my shit didn't get done. But man, was it worth it!
One of my pet peeves when it comes to YA and NA is the lack of maturity that comes with young characters; to my surprise, there is no fabricated drama here. The problems and situations are not only real, but extremely RELEVANT for today's 20 somethings. I'm so glad to see this author bring such issues to light! Excellent storytelling, character development, plot, and what's that other thing? that thing that hurts in my chest, like an itch I can't scratch...Oh yeah...

 Sweet baby Jesus on the manger. Why...just...why?! Let me hold you Giles!!!
Giles, Giles, Giles, Giles....
He's a guy. He's not perfect. He's doing the best he can to deal with the cards he's dealt. Same as Julia. But damn...the boy is sweet as cotton candy dipped in syrup...and if dirty talk were an Olympic sport?


Veronica Larsen has proven to be a writer. An excellent writer. Her well developed characters, storytelling and prose stir emotions in me that she's become one of my 100% guarantee go-to one-click authors! Whatever comes next from this amazing writer, will be on my wish list and work their way up my TBR list!! Keep them coming Ms. Larsen!