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Monday, December 23, 2013

Just Finished 'Under Different Stars' by Amy Bartol: LOVED IT!!! officially obsessed with the Kricket series!!

OMG there are no words to describe how much I loved this book. It is unique, exquisite, original, spellbinding, engaging, smart... Amy Bartol's writing is amazing as she showed us in the promotion series. So my expectations for this series were pretty high. I'm glad to say Amy Bartol not only met my expectations, she surpassed them.
Amy tells the story of Kricket, an orphaned 17 year old that is taken from her world and thrown in a world where everyone wants something from her. I loved her characters. Kricket is brave, witty, kind-hearted and easy to love. Trey is the soldier sent to retrieve her. Trey is well, perfect. This is a book I will be reading over and over. Amy did an amazing job creating this entire world along with language and the details are so engaging, she sucks you right in. She was able to transport me to this amazing adventure full of love, mystery, and suspense. The worst part of the book was that it ended. I don't know that there's a book out there to follow up this masterpiece. And I don't even know what the genre is, but to me, is irrelevant. What is relevant is a book that makes me think and feel. Amy does that in spades. This one is a MUST READ. Amy Bartol you are a rock star!!!!!

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